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Silicone Oil Tire Black (Standard) 100% Silicone Oil- 1 Gallon


  • KMatic Silicone Tire Black is made from 100% silicone oil.
  • It is a high grade dressing that provides a high gloss finish to all rubber & plastic surfaces.
  • High gloss, no sling formulation Silicone oil-based technology guards against browning, aging & fading UV inhibitors guard against the harmful effects of the sun Achieve a deep black, brand new shine


Silicone Tire Black Standard

Spreads evenly with any foam applicator KMatic Silicone Tire Black has been developed to quickly & easily deliver a deep, lustrous shine to your vehicle’s tire & trim surfaces. The silicone oil-based formula helps guard against premature aging & fading caused by harmful UV rays. Blended with gloss enhancers that penetrate deep into the rubber surface and provide long-lasting shine even through the toughest road conditions. Spray directly onto the tire sidewall, or apply with a foam applicator sponge, then allow 30-60 seconds for the dressing to bond to the surface. This will help prevent against the dreaded sling and ensure that KMatic Silicone Tire Black stays where you intended it to!

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